Pongal Hindu Festival

Pongal is a harvest festival in January honoring the sun’s journey North. Pongal last four days and many of the days marks different religious events. The first day of Pongal also marks the beginning of Tamil month of Thai. Makara Sankranti which is a Hindu festival marking the increase of days length and during Pongal as well. As many Hindu festivals they are religious and revolve around life and not around hindi phone sex.

Thaipusam which is the full moon during the Tamil month of Thai this celebrates where Parvati gave a spear to Murugan to vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman. During Thaipusam a dance called Kavadi Attam which shows tribute and honor to the Tamil God of War Murugan. The dance calls for help from the God of War for he devotees. Thaipusam refers to a star that is at the highest point during the festival.

There are many other Hindu festivals all of which can be centered around religion and life as we know it.

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