How my wife makes big bucks

My wife and I share an email account that we use for business purposes. One day while I was checking the spam folder, I noticed an email sent from Mansfield escorts agency. I had no idea what type of service this company provided so I decided to google them to find out their specialty. To my surprise, I found out that it was some type of paid dating service. Upon further reading of the email, I learned that it was a tax form for my wife so that she could file her taxes properly. I had no idea that my wife worked for this company and when I inquired about it, her response to me was that she had been working there for the last five years. Though I was furious, my wife made me understand that by working there she has doubled our income.

Pongal Hindu Festival

Pongal is a harvest festival in January honoring the sun’s journey North. Pongal last four days and many of the days marks different religious events. The first day of Pongal also marks the beginning of Tamil month of Thai. Makara Sankranti which is a Hindu festival marking the increase of days length and during Pongal as well. As many Hindu festivals they are religious and revolve around life and not around hindi phone sex.

Thaipusam which is the full moon during the Tamil month of Thai this celebrates where Parvati gave a spear to Murugan to vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman. During Thaipusam a dance called Kavadi Attam which shows tribute and honor to the Tamil God of War Murugan. The dance calls for help from the God of War for he devotees. Thaipusam refers to a star that is at the highest point during the festival.

There are many other Hindu festivals all of which can be centered around religion and life as we know it.

Yearly Charity Yard Sale!

For several years, myself and my fuck buddy have had a charity yard sale to help with our local animal rescue team and have been helping them for many years. All of the funds, big or little would help with the cost of any type of veterinary service that is needed. Everyone knows that the cost of cat or dog care can add up and be very costly to maintain their well needed health.

The yard sale will help the team to no only provide healthcare but to also advertise to foster the animals to a needed caring home. Last year we did provide over $1000 and are definitely pushing for higher expectations this year! These life-saving efforts make us feel proud and give us a sense of accomplishment to get a pet that is young or old to a great home. Our big mission is to get homeless animals the love and affection that they deserve!

A Little Cushion

It took me forever to do this but I went out to Best Buy today with a buddy of mine from Nottingham escorts so I could purchase a new lap top. The one that I had is about six years old and running on its very last limb. I do a massive amount of work online so not being up to date with a new computer has been putting a damper on my ability to produce all the work I need. Thankfully a guy I have been working for has paid me two weeks in advance so I could go out and buy a new one. It really pays off to get in could with people on online marketing because it is a great way to have kind of a cushion when you are in desperate need of money. So far this guy has helped me three times when I have been in need of an advance.

Nice Screw Up

It really irritates me at the fact that I lost my fuckbuddy do to my friend Kim’s harsh remarks. I decided to invite her over last weekend with her boyfriend, and the whole time she sat there joking about how we weren’t dating, but just sleeping together. Apparently he thought it was rude and uncalled for because ever since that night, I have yet to here from him. I have already yelled at Kim a few times for this because those type of buddies do not come around very often to me. I hate going to the bar and being in social settings so how else am I supposed to find one? With him it was all luck. A friend of mind happened to bring him over one day when he was fixing my deck and he ended up slipping me his number before he left. Best luck ever right?

Neat Freak

I have spent the last week trying to renovate my home and it has become completely exhausting. I am supposed to have it all done by this Friday for my friends from escorts in Derby. It doesn’t look like it will happen. My house is an absolute disaster and there is no organization to anything. At this point in time I still need to paint a second coat to the living room and dining room and move all the furniture back in from the garage when it is all dry. It may not seem like a lot to do but the work is so tedious and I want it to look perfect. I am picky about the way my home looks and right now I would not let a single soul walk into my house. I would be horribly embarrassed if it was to happen, it would kill my reputation as a neat freak.